Electronic monitoring

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Wisconsin Lock and Load Electronic Monitoring Solutions, LLC is an organization dedicated to assisting the criminal justice community with progressive offender monitoring solutions. We specialize in electronic monitoring, providing various levels of service and multiple equipment choices to best meet the needs of each end user.

We are a local company with years of experience in the criminal justice system and have the ability to provide service directly at your jail or court house. We will customize a program to fit your needs.

Our service levels range from Equipment Supply and Support through Full Service with Offender Pay. We will customize our service offerings to your specific needs, allowing you the flexibility to determine how we can best assist you in meeting your goals.

At our basic level we will provide you with the best electronic monitoring equipment for your program and will provide training for the use of the equipment. We will also provide continued support for any equipment issues that may arise.

Other services we provide tailored to your program are:

  • Pre-trial and post conviction electronic monitoring
  • Unit hook-ups/retrievals
  • Software Input – offender set-up, zone creation and scheduling
  • Software assistance
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Drug testing
  • Violation reports
  • Weekly offender meetings
  • Offender pay
  • Ongoing training

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Lance Steidl

Radio Frequency Monitoring

Commonly known as house arrest, we provide products by 3M and Alochol Monitoring Systems.

  • Multiple tamper detection mechanisms and malfunction alerts
  • Flexible schedule options and range settings
  • Two-way voice communication with offender on cellular units
GPS Monitoring

Compact and lightweight one piece units by 3M and Alcohol Monitoring Systems.

  • Continuous real-time tracking and offender alerts
  • Two-way communication with the offender through LED lights and vibrating alerts
  • Configurable alerts and program rules
  • Inclusion and exclusion zones
  • Tamper detection
Constant Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM)

Alcohol Monitoring Systems Product ensures sober days with 24/7 monitoring.

  • Transdermal perspiration testing every 30 minutes
  • Tamper detection
  • Meets the Daubert standard in Louisiana
  • Meets the Frye standard in Florida and Georgia
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Remote Breath Device

One piece device for Alcohol Monitoring Systems

  • GPS location with taken and missed tests
  • Immediate alerts
  • DOT approved Drager fuel cell
  • On board, automated testing
  • Random, scheduled and on-demand testing
  • Automated Facial Intelligence
Remote Alcohol Monitoring System (MEMS)

21st Century technology to monitor blood alcohol levels and GPS location.

  • 3M product
  • Home based unit
  • Reliable identity confirmation
  • Fast, accurate test results
  • Scheduled, random and on-demand testing
  • Landline and cellular communication